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West University of Timisoara and Confederation of European Probation proudly announces the 7th edition of International Conference MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVES IN THE QUASI-COERCIVE TREATMENT OF OFFENDERS SPECTO.

13th September – 14th September 2018, Timisoara, Romania

SPECTO becomes a traditional annual international conference for researchers and scientists and expects to collect a wide audience of participants and listeners. We hope that the theme of this year, that includes a wide array of topics, will meet your expectations and, the participation to the Conference, will offer you an opportunity to meet up with your colleagues, friends and renowned specialists from all over the world.


The SPECTO 2018 Conference is addressed to policy makers, probation officers, prison officers, project managers, practitioners, lawyers, social workers, psychologists and academics.


Our official partner in organizing travel services (transport, accommodation, social events) is Passpartout Travel & Events. For any details related to your trip to the conference, accommodation reservations or other tourist services, please contact Passpartout Travel & Events. Due to its status, participants at the conference will benefit of certain discounts for the services purchased through our partner.

Contact details are:
phone: +40746240506 or +40269839681
contact person: Cornel Posea


We recommend that if you have decided to attend the conference to make your travel arrangements as soon as possible, this way you can get the most advantageous prices. We suggest that you book your flight reservations in the immediate vicinity of the time you signed up for the conference, thus securing your flight. We mention that Timisoara is a very sought-after city in terms of both social and cultural events and business events, which makes the demands for flights and for accommodation to be numerous.

If you need help with reservation of the flight please send us an email by clicking here or fill in the flight reservation form from this page. 


In Timisoara there are various accommodation options from Budget to Luxury. For the conference participants, we have specially negotiated prices or recommendations on each accommodation segment. Please send us your request for accommodation, as well as hotel preference, star count, location (central, near university, etc.) and we will provide you with the best options.

You can send your option by e-mail, clicking here or fill the reservation form from this page.

We will publish a list of recommended hotel where you can book directly using the reservation code SPECTO2018 and get directly a special price.

The list with this hotels will be publish till 5 May 2018. Please keep our official partner inform regarding your direct reservation in order to assist you if is necessarily – please add the address in the CC of your direct reservation

For those who want to book directly other hotels that we recommend, we suggest using this link

Social Events

If you want to extend your visit to Romania either before or after the conference and want to visit certain areas, we are ready to offer you our full support for your visits.

Romania is an extraordinary country that definitely deserves to be discovered. The diversity of sightseeing can satisfy any tourist who wants to discover it. From nature to castles or rural areas where you can meet an atmosphere worthy of childhood to grandmothers in modern cities with modern events, all this can be found in Romania.

We offer some of the most attractive recommendations that can be reached quite easily, of course there are many more, we are ready to give you information about anything you would like to visit, whether you are on the list below or not:

1. Timisoara - it is the city that hosts the conference, but it is worth to book it for a day to discover it. A multicultural city with a rich cultural palette. Let's not forget that Timisoara was designated as the European Cultural Capital in 2021,

2. The Corvin Castle - Hunedoara - is an impressive medieval monument with a rich history. (distance 165 km, 2.30 hours trip by car).

3. Sibiu and its surroundings - Sibiu is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, with a special architecture and an extraordinary palette of cultural events. The Cultural Capital in 2007, the city continues to impress every tourist who travels through it. Its surroundings are equally unique, the area being in the past also populated by Romanians and Saxons, the influences of the two cultures being visible. The fortified churches of the area are impressive for everyone who visits them, the atmosphere of the past being one of the past (distance 270 km, 3.00 hours trip by car).

4. Sighisoara - a medieval fortress inhabited, impresses with its architecture and history (distance 360 km, 4.30 hours trip by car). )

5. Salt Turda - one of the most impressive salt mines (distance 280 km, 3.30 hours trip by car).

6. Danube gorges - is one of the most impressive sectors of the Danube(distance 220 km, 3.00 hours trip by car).

7. Alba Iulia is the city that gave Romania its identity, it is the symbolic capital of Romania and also is the largest fortress in our country. (distance 220 km, 2.40 hours trip by car).

For any of your visits do not hesitate to contact us. We can make tourist arrangements from one person to large groups, depending on preferences and areas of interest.

For additional information or reservations for different destinations (both before and after the conference), please send us an e-mail:

Flight reservation request

Accomodation reservation request